Hotels for Your Dream Ireland Vacation

Believe it or not, Ireland is the dream vacation destination for many people – whether that be music lovers, people who enjoy the outdoors or people who want to take the time to immerse themselves in historically rich and wonderful culture. If one finds themselves daydreaming about their next vacation, perhaps it’s time to looking into Ireland.

Tips and Tricks for Planning an Ireland Vacation

1. Ireland’s reputation for gloomy weather is not without cause. The best time to make your way into Ireland is in early April and mid-May. During these months, the weather is mild enough to enjoy the country. However, it will be early enough to avoid the swarm of tourists that the warmer summer months brings.

2. Prepare for Language and Currency

Ireland has two languages that are commonly spoken – English and Irish. While Irish is prevalent in some parts, tourists are more likely to be amongst English speaking folks. Like much of the European Union, the currency utilised by the Irish is the Euro. It is good to keep this in mind when budgeting as vacations come with many costs.

3. Transportation

Like many busy and Metropolitan areas, areas like Dublin pose little need for a car. Many cities within Ireland are compact by foot, allowing tourists to work up an appetite to enjoy delicious meals and cast worries of vacation weight gain aside. In addition to that, Dublin has excellent public transportation. Public transport is a wonderful and passive way to immerse oneself in the culture of a country, with a place as rich in culture as Ireland, that will surely be worth it.

Places to Stay in Ireland; the Hotels, AirBnBs, and Hostels

Of course, the most important part of planning a vacation is figuring out where to stay. Ireland has a host of options for everyone. For those looking to enjoy the rich history of Ireland, Kilkea Castle Hotel is refined, sophisticated and utterly dazzling. Set in a 12th-century castle, the hotel is only 6km away from St Jame’s Church, constructed in the 9th century and the historic Castledermot Round Tower.

The Merrion Hotel in Dublin is located in the heart of the city for those looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife that Ireland offers. The Hotel is set in a restored building and very close to the National Art Gallery. For those looking to enjoy luxury in a place as scenic as Ireland, Dromoland Castle Hotel offers elegant quarters, a golf course and a spa.