Four Factors to Consider When Hiring a Castle in Ireland

Are you planning a conference, wedding or any other special occasion? Then look no further than the fascinating historic castles. This can be the ideal venue for your special event. The major attraction of castles originates from the drama and history played within the castle walls.

The venues are romantic, mystical, and a place that can spark imaginations as well as conjure up powerful queens and knights wearing shining armour. Besides castles being a fortress, they are magnificent homes with attractive features and amenities.

Nonetheless, not all castles can suit your event. You’ll have to consider several factors to choose the most suitable one. Herewith are some of the things you must put into consideration before booking a castle for conferences or other occasions.


Not all prestigious castles can fit into themes or types of event you are planning. Therefore, before you hire a venue, you have to consider the decor and architectural style of the prospective castle.

Consider what the building conveys. For instance, the castle to hire for an expo will differ from the ones you can hire for a gala. It is worth noting, the lesser the ambience of a place matches with your event, the more you are likely to invest more in decors.


Whether you are holding a corporate event or a party, you’ll require a place where your guests can get the best food. Therefore, you have to look for castles with kitchens or those that offer catering services. Furthermore, it’s essential to choose a place with tables and chairs where you will comfortably sit and dine.


Location can influence the choice you make about the right castle. For example, consider booking a castle that is within the geographical area where most attendees are from. Nonetheless, if your guests are travelling from different places, the best locations are close to airports or terminal points.


Although you want to have a memorable event, you have to stick to your budget. The cost of castles varies from different types. However, flexibility may help to secure the cheapest services. For instance, you can change the date of your event to hold it during weekdays or months where the castles are not in high demand.